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The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is committed to engage and inspire through the arts, gardens and education. A permanent collection of nearly 5,000 works of art on a riverfront campus offers more than 95,000 annual visitors a truly unique experience on the First Coast. Nationally recognized education programs serve adults and children of all abilities.

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What’s Blooming? Coreopsis!



Did you know that all species of Coreopsis were designated as the state wildflower of Florida in 1991? Well, now you do. The delightful Coreopsis is native to the North, South and Central Americas and derived from the Greek words, koris meaning “bedbug” and opsis meaning “view.” These flowers are the plant foods for some […]

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Wisteria Floribunda (Japanese wisteria) and the English Garden



  Wisteria floribunda, commonly known as Japanese wisteria, is often found flourishing in the English and Olmsted Gardens in early- to mid-spring. The Japanese wisteria produces the lengthiest racemes of any wisteria, making it a truly unique asset to the Gardens. In moist soil and full sun, this species of flowering plant can grow up to […]

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What’s Blooming? Camellias!



  Did you know that there are over 800 types of Camellias? The Cummer Gardens are home to both the Camellia japonica and the Camellia sasanqua. Camellia japonica blooms in the winter or early spring, and has large leaves and flowers. Camellia sasanqua blooms in the fall and has smaller, darker leaves with a smaller flower. It is also heartier […]

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Rothko to Richter: Mark-Making in Abstract Painting from the Collection of Preston H. Haskell



Rivaled only by the early years of the 1910s, when abstraction was pioneered in Europe and America, the 40-year period between 1950 and 1990 witnessed dramatic developments in abstract art. This exhibition features 27 paintings by some of the era’s most important artists, including Karel Appel, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hofmann…

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Affinity Group: Spring 2015 Calendar of Events



The Cummer Museum’s Affinity Groups offer Members unique opportunities to become more involved in the life of the Museum by exploring their own passions. Affinity Group Members participate in programs and special events related to the mission of each group. Each Affinity Group has its own board and special events, which support the mission of the […]

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Fifth Grade Garden Tours: Gardners by Design



Fifth graders step into a landscape architect’s shoes as they solve the problems of garden design. How do you blend a landscape and a built environment? How should it feel? Textures, shapes, colors, and symmetry are all elements that are part of good garden design. How do you deal with scale? Unlike paintings, living things grow. Will this plant still…

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