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Tag Archives: Muhammad

Ink, Silk, and Gold: The Early Centuries



Early Islamic art is best encapsulated from the 8th to 10th centuries. That span of time was rife with great political shifts and the gradual creation of an artistic tradition unique to Islamic communities. When the Muslim state conquered the culturally sophisticated regions of land that belonged to the Byzantine and Sasanian empires in the 7th century, it absorbed the culture in those regions as well, helped shape and develop Islamic art.

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Ink, Silk, and Gold: The Materials



Ink defines forms and articulates detail on nearly all Islamic art that takes place on paper. The Qur’an and the Hadith directly connect ink with Creation as Islamic tradition says that first thing God created was the pen. The Hadith refers to sayings attributed to Muhammad and the Qur’an is the collection of Islamic scriptures. In Islamic culture, ink is also associated with morality and intellect, and it is considered a sacred practice to copy scripture from the Qur’an in ink.

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Family Activity Series: Spain and Northwestern Africa



We have come a long way and made it to the regions of Spain and Northwestern Africa! You can find Islamic influences across the globe! The item we are given to examine is a page of the Qur’an featuring Maghrib script, a decorative calligraphy, named for the area of Northwestern Africa and Spain known as Maghrib.

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